Backstage VIP
e-Commerce/ Full Design

All Your Concert Needs

Backstage VIP is a one-stop shop for all of a concert-goers needs. They stock everything from t-shirts and posters to concerts and events tickets. Our goal was to help Backstage reach a national audience with their digital shop and make it a place where a fan can go to find everything they need relating to their favorite bands and artists.

What We Did

  • User-Experience (UX)
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • e-Commerce

A Website to Match the Prestige

We understood the complexity of the website and had to create a User-Friendly interface that makes the site clean and easy to use. Our team had to find a way to incorporate categories, filters, and shipping/handling to make Backstage VIP's customers receive their items as quick as possible.

Bringing Quality Products To Users

Every consumer has different needs and wants. Luckily, our development team excels at creating online shopping experiences that allow consumers to find all the items they need and more. Easy to navigate categories and product recommendations make it so that the user always has access to the best shopping options.


For Backstage VIP’s marquee feature, our development team created a filter to help you find concerts and events happening near you! You want to go root for your local sports team, go see your favorite artists, or even enjoy a play. Backstage VIP has it all!

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